The SAFETY4RAILS Consortium is led by Fraunhofer and composed of 31 partners from 13 different countries (Germany, France, Spain, Turkey, Italy, Belgium, Switzerland, United Kingdom, Greece, Finland, Hungary, Israel and Netherlands).

They represent railway operators, railway infrastructure managers, research centres, academia and industry suppliers and bring a range of complementary skills required for this multidisciplinary project.


The Fraunhofer-Gesellschaft is the leading organisation for applied research in Europe. Its research activities are conducted by 74 institutes and research units at locations throughout Germany. The Fraunhofer-Gesellschaft employs a staff of nearly ...
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UIC is the worldwide organisation for the promotion of rail transport at a global level and collaborative development of the railway system. It brings together some 200 members on all 5 continents, among them rail operators, infrastructure managers, ...
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Metro de Madrid

Metro de Madrid is a modern company which comes under the authority of the "Comunidad de Madrid" (Regional Government), technologically advanced in all aspects of its operation and capable of providing passengers with a high quality and reliability ...
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The General Directorate of EGO was:  Founded on December 16, 1942 as Ankara Electricity and Gas Operations Business.  In 1950, with the incorporation of the Bus Operation and Administration Business, it became Ankara Electricity, Gas and ...
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Rete Ferroviaria Italiana (RFI), is the company of the Ferrovie dello Stato Group with the public role of Infrastructure Manager. As the body responsible for the lines, stations and systems, it guarantees access to the Italian network to the various ...
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ProRail is a non-profit, public owned railway company responsible for railway construction, renewal and maintenance and traffic control and management of the Dutch heavy rail infrastructure (both passenger and freight rail transport on the Dutch ...
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Municipality of Milan

The Municipality of Milan (Comune di Milano – CdM) is the local public authority responsible for delivering a large number of services across the city (education, social services, economic development). In 2015, the city of Milan joined the 100 ...
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One of Australia’s original tertiary institutions, RMIT is a global university of technology, design and enterprise.  The RMIT researchers involved in Safety4Rails include Professor Sujeeva Setunge from the School of Engineering as well as Dr ...
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Department of Computer Science at the University of Reading

The Department of Computer Science at the University of Reading is part of the School of Mathematical, Physical and Computational Sciences (SMPCS).  The research in the Department is organised in three main research groups and five Research ...
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The National Center for Scientific Research “Demokritos” (NCSR “Demokritos”) is the largest multidisciplinary research center in Greece, with critical mass in expertise and infrastructure in the fields of Nanotechnology, Energy & Environment, ...
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Newcastle University

Newcastle University is a world-leading university, advancing knowledge, providing creative solutions and solving global problems. We exist for the public benefit to advance education, learning and research. Our objective is to build on this core ...
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Laurea University

Laurea University of Applied Sciences - Laurea (LAU) is a multi-faculty institution of higher education for future professionals in e.g. Security and risk management, Business and administration, Information, and communications technology (ICT), ...
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ERARGE is a research-oriented SME established in 1975. The core research team has 3 PHDs, 2 academicians, 18 researchers.  The core research team is supported by the production group of about 60 employees who are experienced in hardware and system ...
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Innova Integra

Innova Integra is a research and innovation company working in Computer Science and focusing on the application and integration of state-of-the-art Artificial Intelligence methods in real-world application scenarios. In our projects, we combine our ...
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UMH is a young university committed to continuing to incorporate innovation and excellence in order to further climb the ranks of the best in its sphere. According to various university quality indicators, the UMH is among the best in Spanish ...
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ETRA Investigación y Desarrollo, S.A. (ETRA I+D) is the hi-tech unit within ETRA Group, one of the leading industrial groups in Spain. Its mission is putting in the market the most advanced solutions and services related to security, mobility, ...
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Leonardo is one of the world’s top ten players in Aerospace, Defence and Security, a trusted long-term partner of choice for governments, institutions, and private customers, delivering cutting-edge and dual-use technologies.   Headquartered in ...
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CEIS, a member of the Avisa Partners group, is a strategic intelligence and cybersecurity firm present in Paris, London, Brussels, Berlin and Washington D.C. Our mission is to mitigate the risks faced by political and business leaders, corporations, ...
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STAM is an engineering company that support private and public clients, leveraging on a multidisciplinary expertise and hands-on experience across four main industrial domains, namely Security and Transport, Space and Defence, Industry, Energy and ...
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CURIX information company

CURIX is a Swiss SME with a wide range of IT experience since over 29 years:   Main businesses of CURIX are:   IT- & security monitoring and prediction of IT-infrastructures (big data, machine learning, predictive analytics)   ...
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With almost 160 years of experience across a wide range of industries, RINA is a multinational company that helps clients build strong, successful businesses.  Through a global network of 3,900 talented professionals operating out of 200 offices ...
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WINGS ICT Solutions

WINGS ICT Solutions is an SME that is focused on the development of solutions (both software and hardware) for various vertical sectors. Solutions for four sets of vertical sectors are provided: (1) environment; (2) networks and infrastructures; (3) ...
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The European Organisation for Security (EOS) is the voice of the European security industry and research community. Operating in 15 different countries, EOS Members provide security research, solutions, and services across many security domains, ...
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Cyber Services

Cyber Services is a knowledge based cyber security service provider dedicated to establishing controllable and predictable processes in the cyberspace.  As such, Cyber Services provides proactive cybersecurity and defence primarily for larger ...
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MTRS is an international consulting company (SME) specialising in the development of a broad range of cost-effective, comprehensive security solutions, policies, and strategies for the public transport security market. The company has abundant ...
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Intracom Telecom

Intracom Telecom is the largest multinational provider of telecommunications products, and integrated ICT solutions & services in Greece with a proven track record of over 29 years of presence in Europe and more than 100 customers in the Eastern ...
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Alpha-Cyber ​​is an innovative start-up with advanced knowledge on ICT technologies and solutions. The unique skills of Alpha-Cyber's multidisciplinary team, added after years of experience in the ICT sector, make Alpha-Cyber ​​a high-level provider ...
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Tree Technology

Tree Technology is an R&D-performing company providing information and communication technology solutions based on Big Data and Artificial Intelligence. TREE works within an open innovation model to provide their customers with advanced ICT ...
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Elbit Systems

Elbit Systems Ltd. is an international high technology company engaged in a wide range of defence, homeland security and commercial programs throughout the world. The Company, which includes Elbit Systems and its subsidiaries, operates in the areas ...
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Ferrocarrils de la Generalitat de Catalunya (FGC) was founded in 1979 to operate and administrate two historical lines with their origins in 1863, in the introduction of the Barcelona – Sarrià suburban train service. Over the years, new lines have ...
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TCDD is a State Economic Enterprise affiliated to the Ministry of Transport and Infrastructure of the Republic of Turkey. TCDD is responsible for infrastructure construction and maintenance and traffic management. Managed by a Board of Directors, ...
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European Union flagThis project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement No 883532.

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