ERARGE is a research-oriented SME established in 1975. The core research team has 3 PHDs, 2 academicians, 18 researchers.  The core research team is supported by the production group of about 60 employees who are experienced in hardware and system integration and installation. ERARGE is a well-organised SME with its abroad teams and administrative personnel who are responsible from national/international relations, accounting, promotion and sales. 

The ERARGE core competence areas are closely related to cyber-physical system and security needs of critical assets. Such assets can either be critical infrastructures or any heterogeneous smart system that subject to physical and cyber threats and desire smart digital twin solutions.

The company’s recent partnerships and projects are based on (but not limited to) design and implementation of hardware-based solutions for the security of municipal infrastructures such as data centres, financial entities, SCADA systems in public buildings, water utilities, urban transportation infrastructures, transportation and mobility systems, smart cars, UAVs, etc. 

ERARGE is located in İstanbul as a R&D Centre and it has 4 remote branches in Isparta, Zurich (Switzerland), Warsaw (Poland) and Skopje (FYROM). ERARGE has developed various end-products which are on the market and also integrated its solutions within the products of larger enterprises. ERARGE has proven its competence by owning 12 international patents, publishing more than 130 papers in top journals and conferences, 3 best-paper awards, 2 most innovative project awards, 1 most innovative product award (PRIGM),  2 H2020 projects, 1 H2020 Ecsel project, 2 ITEA and 4 ongoing/finished national/international projects and thousands of end products operating in field. 

ERARGE is providing 2 solutions in Safety4Rails, namely PRIGM and Senstation. PRIGM is an advanced multipurpose Hardware Security Module (at server side) and Senstation is a high-throughput secure gateway (at client side), both of which will enable point-to-point security in cyber-physical railway-metro ecosystem. 

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