CURIX is a Swiss SME with a wide range of IT experience since over 29 years:  

Main businesses of CURIX are:  

  • IT- & security monitoring and prediction of IT-infrastructures (big data, machine learning, predictive analytics)  
  • IT-asset-, real estate-, facility- and infrastructure management  
  • Building and managing of IT-infrastructures on premise and XaaS solutions  
  • IT – consulting (CuriX® health and security check)  
  • IT – services (XaaS Hosting in Swiss data centre)  
  • Facility an infrastructure consulting  
  • Project management and general organisation in IT and infrastructure topics


CURIX accompanies its customers on their way from project planning, implementation up to the operation of their commonly conceptualized solutions.  

Currently IC holds 27 full time equivalent employees (FTE) with a focus on education in application and business consultancy, software development, research in artificial intelligence and machine learning, system engineering and IT-Security.  

The company is located in Pratteln near Basel (Switzerland); a branch office is located in Freiburg (Germany).   

CURIX seeks partnerships with universities and private companies to jointly develop ICT solutions with main focus on IT Operation Management and Security Information and Event Management. 

CURIX is an integration and software development partner in SAFETY4RAILS; the company profile matches the tasks in the project with main focus on:  

  • Software development for the collection and analysis of sensor-data  
  • Data collection, real time monitoring  
  • Anomaly detection  
  • IT-security analytics, consulting and development  
  • Development and implementation of interfaces connecting different types of software components  

The solution CuriX (Cure Infrastructure in Xaas) is provided in this project to precisely predict failure occurrences. Main target of CuriX is to conduct a failure prediction based on system behaviour observations and furthermore to provide a stable fix execution plan. Using CuriX, we support the approach of a holistic consideration of IT operations management, infrastructure and architecture management, security operations management and identity management. 

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