Laurea University of Applied Sciences – Laurea (LAU) is a multi-faculty institution of higher education for future professionals in e.g. Security and risk management, Business and administration, Information, and communications technology (ICT), Service innovation and design, and Nursing. Laurea operates in the Helsinki metropolitan area in six regional campuses with 550 staff members and about 7,800 students.  

Laurea focuses on practical research and development work in selected strategic areas, which are based on future needs and strong expertise in the fields of social services and health care, service business and security, to provide solutions built on tested data.

Laurea aims at deploying these solutions for broad application through several methods. In publications, Laurea links the results to the discussion conducted in the research community and the daily operations of partners. The degree programmes integrate the latest information with teaching and engage students in multidisciplinary development projects based on the working life. 

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