Leonardo is one of the world’s top ten players in Aerospace, Defence and Security, a trusted long-term partner of choice for governments, institutions, and private customers, delivering cutting-edge and dual-use technologies.  

Headquartered in Italy, Leonardo has over 45,000 employees. The Company has a significant industrial presence in four domestic markets (Italy, the United Kingdom, the United States and Poland) and an international network made up of subsidiaries, joint ventures, and strategic collaboration agreements. Leonardo’s products and solutions are used in over 150 countries worldwide. Based on the dual application of technologies, Leonardo designs and creates products, systems, services, and integrated solutions both for the defense sector and for public and private customers of the civil sector, both in Italy and abroad.  


The wide range of defense and security solutions that Leonardo offers to Governments, private citizens and Institutions includes every possible intervention scenario: airborne and terrestrial, naval, and maritime, space and cyberspace. In close contact with local customers and partners, Leonardo works every day to strengthen global security, provide essential physical protection and cybersecurity services for people, territories and infrastructure networks and supports scientific and technological research.  

Leonardo operates in about 20 countries with offices and industrial plants in all of the five continents and can rely on a very large network of subsidiaries, joint ventures and international partnerships, with significant industrial presence in four main markets, Italy, United Kingdom, Poland and United States and structured partnerships in the most important high potential markets in the world.  

Cyber Security Division Department 

The Division delivers cybersecurity solutions, technologies and services that guarantee the security of data, networks, and systems for critical infrastructures, government institutions, companies and individuals. In particular, Leonardo supports all activity phases: risk analysis, design and implementation of security architectures, training for prevention and management of incidents and disaster recovery.  

Leonardo Cyber Security Division realises cyber intelligence services for monitoring and analyses Big Data according to customers’ specific needs. The analysis of large amounts of data (Big Data) that comes from web and Darknet sources allows the identification of new threats and vulnerabilities, in order to monitor their development over time and prevent adverse events like data breach, cyberattacks, brand abuse and identity fraud. Leonardo operates through its Open Source Intelligence (OSINT) Centre, where its High-Performance Computer (HPC), one of the most powerful supercomputing infrastructures in the world, analyses and synthesises the huge amount of data collected from the web. OSINT services are provided to various Intelligence customers worldwide.  

Cyber Security Division provides also surveillance and security solutions for critical national infrastructures ensuring 24/7 protection to the workforce and infrastructures involved in mission-critical & safety activities and helping to preserve the efficiency of operations. Surveillance and monitoring technologies deliver physical and cyber protection contributing to a safer working environment and enhanced business continuity. 

Leonardo’s Cyber Security Division has extensive know-how in video analysis, in IT platforms and security, supported by competence centers specialized in artificial vision and deep learning 

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