MTRS is an international consulting company (SME) specialising in the development of a broad range of cost-effective, comprehensive security solutions, policies, and strategies for the public transport security market. The company has abundant expertise and experience in characterising techno-operational solutions, selecting the most suitable technologies and integrating them to form a comprehensive security solution, supported by procedures and training, where necessary. Its tailored solutions, which have been implemented in railway, inter-city, suburban and metro systems, prevent and mitigate risks and consequences of criminal activity, terror attacks and natural disasters, and support effective emergency and crisis preparedness and response. MTRS’s experts have taken part in EC FP6 & FP7 programmes: COUNTERACT, SECUR-ED, SECURESTATION & RESTRAIL projects; and the RESILENS project under H2020.  

MTRS’s abilities in the context of the SAFETY4RAILS project include the development of the solution’s systemwide concept and architecture, and of damage prevention and mitigation solutions that also minimize railway system shutdown time; the examination and evaluation of solutions in case studies; the development of interoperability platforms; and compliance with relevant standards. Its contribution will mainly be expressed in the development of a crisis management tool to coordinate response and recovery to railway infrastructure incidents, and recommendations for crisis management and coordination of response teams. 

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