STAM is an engineering company that support private and public clients, leveraging on a multidisciplinary expertise and hands-on experience across four main industrial domains, namely Security and Transport, Space and Defence, Industry, Energy and Sustainability. The company was founded in 1997, thanks to the seed funding provided by the Technology Transfer Programme of the European Space Agency (ESA) to develop an innovative gearbox system. STAM collaborates with a wide network of partners in several large research and innovation projects supported by the European Commission. 

A large part of STAM’s activities is currently related to security aspects of critical infrastructures. The company has matured experience in the analysis and simulation of blast effects and consequences, agent-based modelling and simulation tools of critical infrastructures operations and crisis scenarios, decision-support tools based on risk analysis and management for the security and safety of infrastructures, public spaces and citizens and the implementation of security countermeasures. 

The enthusiasm and the experience of the staff is the main asset of the company. Thanks to these qualities and to an ideal mix between various areas of expertise, STAM has achieved outstanding results both in the R&D and Industrial fields, completing 500+ projects and establishing strong collaborations with 700+ international partners and customers. 

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