TCDD is a State Economic Enterprise affiliated to the Ministry of Transport and Infrastructure of the Republic of Turkey. TCDD is responsible for infrastructure construction and maintenance and traffic management. Managed by a Board of Directors, TCDD has 23 Departments under the Director General and is organized in eight Regional Directorates countrywide.

TCDD Taşımacılık A.Ş. is a subsidiary of TCDD, responsible for the operations of passenger and freight rail in Turkey. The company was formed on 14 June 2016, splitting off from the Turkish State Railways (TCDD) to take over railway operations, while TCDD would continue to administer railway infrastructure.

Moreover, TCDD also provides economic, safe, comfortable, technologic, environment-friendly transport service integrated with other transportation systems as state-owned Railway Undertaking.

TCDD’s some of the most important targets is to expand total length of the lines by 2023, 100th anniversary of the Republic of TURKEY, and to perform operating activities along the whole network as signalled and electrified as well increasing line capacity. In this context, especially in recent years, high speed, conventional and suburban lines have been built, modernized and rehabilitated by the help of state of art technology in infrastructure, superstructure, signalling and catenary works.

The total length of network is 12,803 km and consists of 1,213 km of high-speed railway lines and 11,590 km of conventional rail lines. As of today, TCDD has around 13,500 employees totally working in Directorate General located in Ankara and 8 Regional Directorates.

Please let us remind you that it is possible to experience high speed train journey between Ankara, capital city, and İstanbul with 4 hours travel time and up to speed of 250 km/h for approximately 513 km route since 2014.

Further information about TCDD is available on our official website :

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