UMH is a young university committed to continuing to incorporate innovation and excellence in order to further climb the ranks of the best in its sphere. According to various university quality indicators, the UMH is among the best in Spanish universities in terms of innovation and technological development, teaching and industry, innovation and infrastructure. The UMH offers 26 degrees, two double degrees and 50 Master’s degrees, including a degree in Public and Private Security and two master’s degrees specializing in criminology. 

The UMH has a research centre, Crímina Centre, dedicated to the study and prevention of crime, comprising investigators from different fields, such as criminology, psychology, law and philosophy among others, as well as police and security professionals. The centre’s lines of research are equally varied, including the analysis of crime and crime mapping, situational prevention, modelling of the human factor in crime and security, profiling of offenders and victims, legal and legitimacy studies, and the perception of security, among others. 

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